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Coasteering Bude Cornwall

Looking for a new adventure?

If you are looking for a new and exciting experience then look no further. Let Freewave Surf Academy take you on a coasteering adventure and visit part of our coastline that people rarely get to see!

Coasteering in Bude Cornwall is an amazing new action packed water experience that enables people to swim, climb, jump and play in places people rarely get to see. Explore the intertidal zone of our beautiful coastline, spot wildlife and learn about the untouched part of our coast. Coasteering involves sea swimming from cove to cove, climbing a short way up the sea cliffs and celebrating their experience by jumping into the sea.

We usually run our coasteering sessions along a range of places dotted along the beautiful North Cornish Coastline. Our locations offer a range of opportunities, explorations and experiences in a spectacular setting. Come and experience a selection of different jumps, experience The “Wash”, “Swirly Whirrly”, “The Black Waterfall” and loads of other exciting features that will make this trip one to remember.

Led by qualified and very experienced instructors, Coasteering is the perfect way to explore the coastline. In fact there are few activities that will get you closer to it! A Coasteering session with Freewave Surf Academy will take you on one of our carefully chosen routes where you will swim, scramble and climb along the rocks and then leap into the sea before moving on further around the coastal edge to the next challenge. All of our sessions are tailored to each group and will take you to hidden rock pools, sea caves, beaches often inaccessible to other people and the all important jumps that tend to be the highlight of the trip. All safety equipment is supplied.

Coasteering Sessions

Get a taste for Coasteering with Freewave Surf Academy in Bude, Cornwall.

Our Coasteering sessions are located at a few different venues. These venues offer a range of different scenery, wildlife, jumps and ocean experiences. These venues also provide us with safety from the sea and weather conditions. A decision will be made on which site is most suitable for the day of your session and so transport is essential!

You will start your session by getting kitted up in to a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet. You will also need to bring some old shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. A chat on safety telling you what to expect of the session and the do’s and don’t’s of Coasteering will happen before venture in to the sea! Then its time to explore our stunning coastline, get sloshed around by the sea and take the plunge on one of the many jumps on offer. Smile… We may even get a snap of you!

“What a great experience we had. We got to see some really cool places and were so well looked after by Robin and his team. We are definitely coming again!” Sally, Exmouth.


A Coastal Adventure Experience