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Stand Up Paddleboarding in Bude, Cornwall

A Great Activity For All The Family!

What better way to explore the rivers and canals of the UK’s Best Costal Resort (Bude) than by Stand Up Paddle Board with your family and friends!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP as it is widely know) is a fantastic new and fast growing sport to hit the water in the UK. The large surfboard creates a stable platform for you to stand on and the canoe paddle make it easy for you to motor around in only a few minutes. It is less challenging than surfing making it more accessible for all your family and friends. Listen carefully to the instruction and you may not get wet… however we will fit you with a wetsuit just incase! I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Taster  Lessons – Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Get a taste of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Bude, Cornwall – A great experience whatever your age or ability.

A Stand Up Paddle Board Taster session starts with meeting your instructor and getting kitted up. We shall supply you with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, board and paddle. Then its time to listen to the instructor to find out how to use your paddle and manoeuvre your board. We are quick to get on the water so that you can start to put things in to practice. You will be motoring around before long so maybe a little journey up the canal to feed the tourist or maybe an on board ice cream from The Bude Barge.

“I was very nervous at first but ended up having so much fun. It was really great to do that activity as a family, even if the kids were better than me!” Kerry, Exeter

SUP Taster Session

1 Session of Standup Paddleboarding

Learn the basics of Standup Paddleboarding and see Bude from a different perspective!

The SUP Improver Session

Learn and improve on the basics of board control and technique. Start to venture in to new areas and possibly on to some moving water.

This session includes everything that is involved in the Taster SUP Session and a whole lot more! Really start to master the different paddle strokes and find a variety of ways to control your board. Journeying should be a breeze for you by now and so maybe we can venture to places to new places. We may even be able to start looking at some moving water!

“It was really great as we got to hang out with our instructors for the whole day. We even got to eat our lunch with the instructor in a cafe overlooking the waves”  Lucy and Dee, County Down.

The SUP Improver

2 Sessions of Standup Paddleboarding

Build on your Taster Session and venture in to new waters!

The SUP Cruiser – 3 Sessions

Three sessions of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. This session will get you mastering your board and will enable you to venture on to the river, harbour and possibly some surf.

This session includes all of the things that you have learnt on the Taster and Improver sessions. With a little bit of skills ironing, you should now be the master of your craft!

“Great place, great people and a great idea for fun weekend away” Pete and Natasha, East Sussex.

The SUP Cruiser

Three sessions of Standup Paddleboarding. Here is where you become the master of your craft!