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Surfing lessons in Widemouth Bay, Bude

Surf Lessons with Freewave Surf Academy

Whether you are surfing for the first time or looking to improve your technique, a surf lesson with an experienced instructor, is a great way to give you the skills and confidence you could be looking for!

By far the best way to start surfing or to improve your ability is to get instruction from skilled and experienced coaches. It is amazing how simple it is to get riding waves when provided with appropriate instruction, practical knowledge and the right equipment. In fact, we guarantee to get you riding waves! And when you’re up on that surfboard riding your first wave, it will be one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner – you don’t even have to know what a surfboard looks like – and want to try surfing for the first time, or you’ve surfed before and want to improve your skills and technique, our friendly instructors will get you surfing with confidence.

Our lessons are held in small groups that allow for more personal attention. We also offer one-to-one surf sessions, please contact us for more information and bookings.

We offer a variety of surfing experiences from Taster Sessions, Group session discounts, One-to-One lessons and Junior Lifeguard taster sessions, in fact, we have something to suit all ages, budgets and levels of expertise.

We have a range of surfing packages to suit everyone!

Taster Surf lessons

Get a taste for surfing in Widemouth Bay, Bude – we guarantee to get you riding waves!

Your Taster Surf session – £35 pp

Guarantees To Get You Riding Waves!

A Taster Surf Session will get you riding those waves in no time. We’ll start with important aspects of beach safety and then go into some relevant surf knowledge about your surfboard, how to move out into the water, catching and riding waves and controlled wipe-outs. Then we’ll get warmed up with stretching and fun beach yoga, and then the fun in the water starts! You’ll gain confidence first by catching waves lying down on your board, after which you’ll be expertly instructed on how to stand up. Remember, we guarantee to get you riding waves!

“I never thought being in the water could be so much fun” Kelly, East Midlands

Taster Surf Lesson - £35 pp

A 'Taster Surf' session at Widemouth Beach, Bude

The Surf Experience

Looking for the full surf experience? Two surf lessons at Widemouth Bay in Bude on a schedule to suit you is the perfect package!

Your full Surf Experience – 2 x Surfing Lessons

Get The Full Experience Of Surfing!

Our Surf Experience package includes all the theory and practical instruction covered in our Taster Surf session (please see above), but with the second session giving you more knowledge and practise to advance your surf skills, including aspects such as turning your surfboard, angled take-offs, surf etiquette and more. Extra time in the water under the supervision of our expert and friendly instructors really gets your surfing skills going. The second time you get in the water you know what’s expected of you and are now fully refreshed to show your surfboard who’s boss! Our aim is to leave you with the confidence and knowledge after your full Surf Experience to rent a suit and board, and jump in the flagged area on your own!

“It was really great as we got to hang out with our instructors for the whole day. We even got to eat our lunch with the instructor in a cafe overlooking the waves”  Lucy and Dee, County Down.

The Surf Experience

A full day of Surfing lessons at Widemouth Beach, Bude or two lessons over two days

Surf Plus

Surf Plus gives you three Surfing lessons in as many days as you like. Fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world of surfing life!

Your Surf Plus package – 3 x Surfing Lessons

Fully Immerse Yourself! 

Fully immerse yourself into surfing with the Surf Plus. This is our most comprehensive course, spread over three sessions, and will enable you with a broad set of skills and knowledge so that you can get out there and enjoy the waves with confidence. All aspects of surfing covered in our Surf Experience package are covered in more detail in this course. We find that people get the most out of multiple sessions. With many hours of water time our instructors will really be able to observe your technique and provide plenty of friendly feedback to make sure that when you leave at the end of the session you’ll be a proper surfer!

“Great place, great people and a great idea for fun weekend away” Pete and Natasha, East Sussex.

Surf Plus

Three Surfing lessons at Widemouth Beach, Bude in as many days as you like.