Coasteering Bude, Cornwall

Coasteering is an amazing, exhilarating and action packed water experience for a range of ages and group sizes. Our team of qualified and experienced instructors will guide you along the intertidal zone of our stunning coastline. Swim through huge sea caves, explore wildlife rich rock pools, visit hidden and inaccessible beaches before taking the leap of faith from one of the many jump sites. 

Our coasteering sessions run from a range of venues dotted along the beautiful North Cornish Coastline. These locations offer a range of opportunities, explorations and experiences in a spectacular costal setting. A decision will be made on which site is most suitable for the day of your session and so transport is essential for Coasteering. The sessions are tailored to meet the needs and abilities of each group. All safety equipment is provided.

Start your session by getting kitted up in to a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet. Listen to the safety briefing from the lead guide informing you of what to expect from Coasteering. Find out the do’s and don’t’s of Coasteering before venture in to the sea. Then its time to explore our stunning coastline, get sloshed around by the sea and take the plunge on one of the many jumps. Smile… We may even get a snap of you!

“What a great experience we had Coasteering. We got to see some really amazing places while swimming and climbing around a beautiful cove. My kids loved the jumps and I even did The Big One myself! We were so well looked after by Robin and his team. We will definitely be Coasteering again!” Sally, Exmouth.

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