We are opening. But with times a changin’ so have we!

As a business that is not desk-based but in the great outdoors, we have decided to tentatively open our virtual outdoor doors. But not without some strong measures in place to keep you and us safe.

Firstly, what’s new?

The new government guidelines are encouraging people to go back to work and businesses to start operating. R.estrictions are being lifted over exercise time, location and activities

The guidelines that we feel apply to our business and  your exercise are:

  • You may meet one other person from a different household outdoors – following social distancing guidelines.
  • You may exercise outdoors as often as you wish – following social distancing guidelines

Here is what we changing?

We normally operate small group sizes with a maximum of 6 people, however, we will be operating one-to-one surfing and stand up paddle boarding lessons only – None of our other activities will be available at this time.

  • Social distancing will apply throughout the lesson and any normal lesson format will be changed to accommodate this.
  • We normally take ages from 8 – 88 years old surfing with only a few limits on health conditions. With younger children needing more support in the water we are temporarily changing our minimum age from 8 to 10 years of age. Our upper age limit will be changing significantly from 88 to a maximum of 45 years of age. This upper age limit change is due to the higher risk of susceptibility to hospitalisation due to a COVID-19 related illness. We will review this and if we can raise it in the coming weeks we will. We are as bummed as you are about this one.
  • As well as any participants needing to disclose any underlying health conditions or injuries, we must also ask you to disclose if you have recently shown signs of a high temperature or any fever related symptoms within the last 7 days. This will need to be disclosed at the point of booking as well as at the start of your lesson and will of course be kept private.
  • Although the guidelines say that “you may travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance” we feel that it is important to respect the community in which we operate. We would therefore like to welcome people that only live within a 30-mile radius from our location at Widemouth Bay. Proof of your address will need to be made at the start of your lesson using a form of ID such as passport, driving licence or utility bill. If you are unable to prove the location of your main do this then your lesson will be cancelled and no refund will be offered.

Kit and Kaboodle

  • If you would like to bring your own equipment then this is fine but it must be fit for purpose and safe to use and will be checked on arrival.
  • If you need to borrow kit then this is fine too. We will make sure that all wetsuits have been suitably disinfected and isolated for a minimum of 3 days before being brought back into operation.
  • All boards will be disinfected at the moment of being given to you as well as after your use.


All payments will need to be made online prior to your lesson. We will not accept cash.

Is there a silver lining?

Well, Yes. As private 1:1 surf lessons cost around £90 per person, however we will only be charging our group lesson price of £40pp. So you could say the way we are trialing this means you are getting great value for money and we get to go back to doing what we love. Win-win huh?

And finally

On a personal note, this is as new to us as it is to everybody else. We are a small business trying to navigate the muddy waters of government guidelines whilst balancing what we feel is right on a personal, business and community level.

We have given serious thought about whether by opening up our surf school we will be encouraging those less able into the water; our observations are that there are already many people enjoying the beach and with the presence of our team, as qualified lifeguards and first aiders, we may actually be able to prevent any problems.

If you would like to discuss our measures further or are not happy with what we are doing then please do not hesitate to contact us using our online contact form.

We really want to be back in the water doing coasteering and teaching families and groups but right now we need to put the wider Cornish and UK community first and we hope to see you in the waves soon.

Peace out! Robin