Adventurous activities are an amazing way to forge friendships and create amazing memories. Taking part in a unique experience where comfort zones are pushed, new boundaries learnt and abilities realised.

Our group activities are tailored to meet the needs of the individuals in your group. This means that everyone will end our activities feeling as though they have been challenged and supported but above all feeling as though they have achieved!

If your group is a family, school, team, stag/hen party or just a group of friends looking for adventure then we welcome you to our activities and look forward to meeting you 🙂


Creating amazing memories has got to be one of the things that most parents try to do for their children. By being part of those memories through sharing the experience with them is not only going to put you in the best Mum/Dad book but it’s also going to keep them off their phones for at least two hours…. Parenting Win!
We believe that the best activities for families are Surfing and Coasteering

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School Groups

Keeping kids active helps them to stay more focused on what they are doing and less on the other unimportant stuff around them (such as social media). Taking part in an activity that does not rely on Shares, Follows and Likes helps them to forge new friendships that they did not know existed out of the water. At Freewave Surf Academy we are not only aware of the needs of the activity but also of the barriers that it helps to break down.
We believe that the best activity for school groups is Surfing and Bodyboarding

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Team Getaway


It doesn’t matter if yours is a junior rugby team or a team of team or city bankers, taking part in an activity outside of your normal environment bonds you together like barnacles and boulders!

We believe that the best activities to do as a team are Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Coasteering

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Stag/Hen Party

Picking the right activity for a memorable weekend away is important. You need an activity that is filled with fun, excitement and adventure. The right activity also helps to create some great laughs and memories for later that night and for the big day speeches.

We understand that organising a stag and hen party comes with its own set of challenges. Which is why we only take a 15% deposit to secure your ultimate weekend activity. But not only that, if you you group is made up of more than 10 people then we will allow the ‘bride’ or ‘groom to be’ to go Coasteering for free! (think of it like an early wedding gift from Freewave Surf Academy)

We believe that the best activities for Stag and Hen groups are Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Coasteering.

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